The Journey

This Way Beyond is a new incarnation of my former photography site, This Way East. This Way East began in 2007 and was developed as a site to showcase my photography which I was extremely passionate about. I came up with “This Way East” because at that time, I was convinced that my internal compass was going to direct me to move eastward in the future. I coded the entire site from scratch and devoted countless hours to the upkeep and maintenance of the site.

Eventually however, I was unable to keep up with it as other things happened in life that required more of my time and attention including new hobbies and some challenging cirumstances. I kept it live until a few years ago when I took it down, which is something that I regret doing. Even if I couldn’t keep up with adding new photos or coding new layouts, it was still nice to be able to look at it every once in awhile.

I had been thinking for awhile that I’d either want to bring This Way East back or start a new site. This Way East was such a huge part of me that it was hard to think of creating a new site that didn’t keep a bit of This Way East with it. My internal compass has changed direction and quite frankly doesn’t know which direction to point anymore, so calling the new site This Way East just didn’t fit. I played around with some different names, but nothing seemed to work right. I decided on This Way Beyond, because our lives are capable of taking us anywhere, at any given moment, in any direction possible. All we can do is make the decision to let the wind take us where it may.

I’m going to keep this site as manageable as possible so that I can keep up with it along with the other things in my life. Photography has long been a part of my life and I’m excited to do something new to help bring it back to the forefront. I really think that This Way Beyond will help me to do so. I’m excited to begin a new chapter in this part of my life and I hope you’ll be excited to share it with me.

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