…brings a resurrection.

Taking a break from Instagram but still have photos to share, so here I am. And so are you. I’m glad.

It seems like a good time to check-in with this site and spend some energy on old creative interests. I forget during the rigors of the academic year how much I miss this stuff. So this summer I am spending time doing more of the things I enjoy and love, and haven’t been able to do in quite some time. I am calling this Self-Care Summer.

-Boundary setting
-Taking time to go outside and explore
-Pursuing creative interests
-Going with the flow
-Studying and preparing for graduate school
-Taking care of my mental health
-Creating good habit

The most important part of this is relishing the leisure time I have since it is such a rarity. Allowing myself to do all of these things, while feeling like they are worth the time is so critical.

I do have different approaches for how to accomplish these goals, and there is one thing that makes them easier to achieve: digital detox. I’m not completely eliminating technology, but I am definitely thinning out what social media platforms I use, and controlling how much time I spend checking e-mail or wasting time on a device. It is amazing how much more productive I have been already.

This week I’ve been taking time to walk to places and I am starting to inch out of my comfort zone, little by little. It still amazes me how close I am to downtown (I can walk to US Bank Stadium in 10-12 minutes), and so many other places.

Tuesday I ended up at Mill Ruins Park (finally!) and the Stone Arch Bridge, while stopping at a couple coffee spots on the way.

And I don’t know if I will ever stop appreciate the windows in my apartment.


This was at 4:45 am this morning. I love Solstice time, but I am also sad that our days will begin to grow shorter again.

Published by Nahrissa

Sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, always passionate and always the doer of many things.

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