After almost two weeks off work for the holidays, I was feeling pretty restless. While the time off was nice, without a routine to keep me out of the house for 8+ hours of the day, I go a little stir crazy. On January 2nd, I took a little road trip to Spring Green for the afternoon to just get out of the city and check out some of the local shops downtown.

I didn’t really take any photos while I was there, but there are some great little spots. My favorite visit was to “The Opal Man”. It’s a small little store that specializes in opal jewelry. The two men that run it were extremely warm and inviting, something I wasn’t exactly expecting from a high-end shop like that in a small Wisconsin town. I am so glad I stopped in though, as I learned a lot about opals and saw the most stunning (and expensive!!) necklace I have ever seen in my life! That was the first shop I visited in Spring Green, and it alone was worth the visit.

Since it was a sunny day, and much nicer than the last time I was there, I made a stop to revisit Halfway Prairie on the way. I also stopped to take some photos of hay bales in a field a small wintry creek. It was a good day.

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Sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, always passionate and always the doer of many things.

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