Halfway Prairie

Today I got to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Often when I’ve been on drives with other people, I’ve seen interesting things that I would like to stop and explore. But because I wasn’t the driver and we were on a different schedule, I would have to just let those opportunities pass by and keep on rollin’.

When I purchased my first vehicle a few weeks ago, that changed. Today I went out to The Shoe Box which is about 28 miles from where I live in a little town called Black Earth. I took the route that didn’t go through town to get there and stuck to the county roads and highways. On the way there I passed something that looked interesting and without thinking, I stopped, turned around and went to check it out.

The place is Halfway Prairie near Mazomanie. All it is is a big field with a an old stone building and the remnants of frames of another building. I don’t know anything about it at all, other than it’s part of a larger wildlife area. It has lots of hiking trails and it will be great to visit again in the spring. As I stood there on top of the hill and looked out over the expanse before me, the wind whipped around my face and sent a chill to my bones.

Even though it was cold up on the hill, I was happy in my moment of freedom. I could get used to this.

Published by Nahrissa

Sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, always passionate and always the doer of many things.

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