Trail Running

(Originally posted July 9th, 2014)

When I hike at Picnic Point once a year, one of my favorite things has been running on the trails, up the hills and over all the nooks and crannies. I’ve been wanting to take up running but the treadmill isn’t good for you (not to mention boring!) and running on asphalt just isn’t my thing. Something about running in the woods though just does it for me and I wanted to try it again. I was off work today so I biked out the walking trails near Starkweather Creek in between Bridges Golf Course and MATC. I found a good spot to start and took off. Let me tell you, there is such a different feeling that you get when running through the woods. You almost feel like a deer, leaping over branches and ditches, running up hills and watching birds and butterflies fly past. I felt fast and fearless and agile. It’s a great feeling and I’m already planning out my next run. Time to get some trail shoes!

Published by Nahrissa

Sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, always passionate and always the doer of many things.

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