(Originally posted November 14th, 2014)

It’s November 16th, but it definitely felt and looked like December 16th today. After the teaser snow we got on Halloween and after some flurries last week, we finally got some real snow. Not much, maybe just under an inch, but enough to make everything look all white and pretty. Excited about the new snow, I got up at 6:15am, laced up my boots and hit the pavement to do some frolicking. It honestly surprises me how much new snow makes me happy, considering that I also live for the hot days of summer. No matter the reason though, new snow is my favorite thing this time of year. A nice long walk, my first bench at the train yard in the snow and a little bit of sunshine before work at the market. It was a good day.

Published by Nahrissa

Sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, always passionate and always the doer of many things.

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